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New Generation Energy Investment Model

Katılım Enerji

Katılım Enerji was established as a SPP energy project with a capacity of 20 thousand members
“We are a SPP project that provides income in a democratic system by participating in the energy production and distribution of the public for the first time in Turkey. 93 percent of our employees consists of women. We are a local and national organization with a social responsibility structure. “We aim to reduce our country's energy import need.”

Ferhan Şavlı

Katılım Enerji - Düşük Maliyet

Low Costs

As Katılım Enerji, we reduce both share fees and energy costs with our giant 20 thousand membership quota. Members have a word in the energy they produce for themselves.
with our quota, we can cover both share fees and energy
we reduce their costs. Members can choose for themselves
they have a say in the energy they produce.

Eco-Friendly Friendly

Katılım Enerji gives priority to minimizing environmental impacts and encourages the use of renewable energy sources. This can help in protecting the environment and leaving a better world for future generations.

Katılım Enerji - Çevre Dostu
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Monthly Income Opportunity

Your annual average income of $1.000 at Katılım Enerji are deposited to your account over the
Dolara endeksli kalmak kaydıyla güncel kurdan her ay hesabınıza yatırılır .

Thus, additional monthly foreign currency income opportunities are provided for all our members.

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