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Katılım Enerji

Participation Energy was established as a SPP energy project with a capacity of 20 thousand members.
"For the first time in Turkey, we are a SPP project that enables the public to participate in energy production and distribution and to earn income in a democratic system. 93 percent of our employees are women. We are a local and national organization with a social responsibility structure. We aim to reduce our country's need for energy imports."

Ferhan Şavlı
Chairman of the Board

Ferhan Şavlı - Katılım Enerji
Katılım Enerji - Düşük Maliyet

Low Costs

As Participation Energy, 20 thousand membership giant
with our quota, we can cover both share fees and energy
we reduce their costs. Members can choose for themselves
they have a say in the energy they produce.

Environment Friendly

Participation Energy is committed to minimizing environmental impacts
prioritizes and prioritizes the use of renewable energy sources
encourages its use. This helps protect the environment and
help leave a better world for future generations
it can happen.

Katılım Enerji - Çevre Dostu
Katılım Enerji - Demoktrat Yapı

Democratic Structure

Participation Energy, mutual benefit of members
established for the purpose and has a democratic structure
companies. When you become our partner, energy
participating in the production and distribution of
and ensures that the company
you can contribute to its orientation.

Contribution to economy

Energy cooperatives contribute to the local economy
and works for the social and social development of its members
can help meet their economic needs.
Member involvement can help the project
and the contribution of local communities
help better understand their needs
it can happen.

Katılım Enerji - Ekonomiye Katkı

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