Who is Katılım Enerji?

In brief; As a group of experienced, entrepreneurial business people who came together for the future of energy, we set out with the motto of "Renewable Energy, Sustainable Income" to expand access to sustainable energy resources in our country. As Katılım Enerji, we aim to have a leading position among the players in the global renewable energy sector with our community-oriented approach. We commit to ourselves and our members that we shall manage energy in a more fair, transparent and sustainable way. We not only leave a clean energy future to our future generations, but also a long-term income model that everyone can benefit from. In this process, we are progressing at every step by growing with the snowball effect and by taking with us the support of our nation, which is our greatest support. Our board of directors consists of managers who have knowledge and experience in the field of solar energy. Our aim is to contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy production by using renewable energy resources in the region and to give our members a share from the sale of energy. Thanks to our expertise in the energy sector, we have managed to become one of Turkey's leading companies in the field of renewable energy. Our members are informed about the latest developments in the energy sector and our project contributes to energy production and sales strategies. Our project offers a free business model to our members, making them energy producers. Our members establish solar power plants, sell the energy they produce and make a profit. This model helps our members to recover their investments and reduce their energy costs. Our project also struggles for the protection of nature by using renewable energy resources. The resources used to meet the energy needs of our members are obtained from renewable resources instead of fossil fuels that pollute the nature. Thus, we contribute to environmentally friendly energy production and create a cleaner world for future generations. Our project creates opportunities in the renewable energy sector and enables our members to be free in their activities in the energy market. We shall continue to work to meet Turkey's energy needs and to produce energy in an environmentally friendly manner

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