So Why Energy?

Since energy has a great importance for countries to sustain their existence, progress in the field of technology, meet the basic needs of the society and develop. Therefore, states compete with each other to obtain energy resources and to have an independent economy. The importance of energy in the world has a great impact not only economically, industrially and technologically, but also environmentally and socially. As the demand for energy resources increases, problems such as environmental pollution, climate change and social inequality also increase. Today, approximately 80% of world energy consumption is obtained from fossil fuels. These resources are limited and produce harmful emissions for the environment. Therefore, many countries around the world have started to invest in renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources can be obtained from sources such as solar, wind, hydraulic, geothermal and biomass. These resources are unlimited and do not produce emissions harmful to the environment. They also strengthen local economies, create jobs and promote social equality. The distribution of energy around the world is also important. Although some countries are rich in energy resources, other countries may face limitations in accessing these resources. Therefore, energy policies need to be fair and sustainable. As a result, energy is of great importance in the world and has not only economic but also environmental and social impacts. By investing in renewable energy sources, we can reduce the demand for energy sources and alleviate environmental and social problems.

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