New Generation Succession System

Katılım Enerji - Yeni Nesil Veraset Sistemi

One of the most important advantages that Katılım Enerji provides to its members is that memberships last a lifetime and can be transferred to a relative in case of possible death. This feature creates a new succession system. In traditional succession systems, in case of death of a person, heirs are determined and the inheritance is divided. However, in energy cooperatives, membership is a type of ownership right and the share you own when you become a member belongs to you. This share brings an income that belongs to the member as long as he/she is alive and can be transferred to a relative in case of death. This new succession system provides financial security to the members as well as the many benefits offered by energy cooperatives. Since members own a part of the income from energy production, they make a low-risk and long-term investment. This investment remains a legacy for future generations. Additionally, membership with energy cooperatives allows many people to have a word in energy production. This encourages broad participation in society and helps create a democratic structure. Members influence energy policies by making decisions on the production and distribution of energy resources. The new succession system created by the Katılım Enerji SPP project not only provides financial security, but also encourages the democratic participation of the society. Members play an important role for a sustainable future by having a word in energy production.

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